The Alba Alimentos Project in El Salvador

Salvadoran agrifood businesses have expressed their concern that the announced investments are part of a political project.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An article in that "Alba Foods, another productive programs, along with Alba Petróleos- tied to the political strategy of the FMLN, has invested $30 million this year and among the basic grain harvest 2012 and 2013, expects to complete $60 million to expand its geographical presence. Both initiatives are part of the flagship of the FMLN presidential candidate, Salvador Sanchez Ceren. Sanchez Ceren was present at the delivery of credits Alba Foods gives to small farmers so they can sow their crops . "

On the other hand, another article states that "agricultural producers and agribusiness from different areas have reacted cautiously to the announcement of a huge investment by Alba Foods, which is assumed to be competition for them.The main concern is that the competition is not under equal conditions. "

"Jorge Arriaza, director of the Salvadoran Association of Industrialists (ASI), said it is necessary to support agricultural activities, but everything should be done to compete with other companies under the same conditions, instead of utilizing the available resources to gain an advantage. "

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In El Salvador, the decision taken by the Sanchez Ceren administration not to attend the main business event in the country reveals either disinclination, inability to govern, or simple political manichaeism.


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The company, part of the ALBA Petroleos conglomerate, has become the main supplier of grain to agribusinesses.

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