Airport Construction: Companies Pre-qualify

In El Salvador, 30 companies were prequalified to participate in the international competition for the elaboration of the feasibility study for the construction of the Pacific Airport.

Monday, August 31, 2020

A total of 44 national and foreign companies expressed interest and also completed the information required to participate in the international public bidding, informed the Executive Autonomous Port Commission (CEPA).

Of the 44 companies that submitted to the prequalification process, 40 obtained the required score to be invited to submit bids, equivalent to 30 indications of interest, since some companies are going in consortium.

The prequalified companies are from North America, Central America, Europe, South America and Asia.

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The Pacific Airport will energize the eastern region of the country, encouraging the growing demand of passengers abroad, will contribute to tourism development and the activation of the Port of La Union. The infrastructure will have a Passenger Terminal building, taxiways, aircraft parking platforms, boarding bridges, which will be sized according to the final results of the Feasibility Study.

The official statement explains that "... The participants will have until September 28th to present their offers; then, on November 25th, the winning company will be awarded, which will have 300 calendar days for the elaboration of the study, that is, in the 4th quarter of 2021, we will already have the feasibility study, for the construction of the Pacific, which should contain the following aspects:

  • Market Study
  • Technical Study
  • Environmental Study
  • Social Impact Study
  • Economic Study
  • And the financial study, which will define whether it will be under the scheme of a public-private partnership, or traditional public work."

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Plans for New Airport Announced

June 2021

In El Salvador, the Autonomous Executive Port Commission announced that in 2022 it will determine the management model for the Pacific Airport and in 2023 it will begin construction.

Currently, the Feasibility Study is being developed by the International Consortium PEYCON - ALBEN 4000.

Cargo Terminal: New Deadline for PPP Tendering

January 2020

March 13 is the new date for the receipt of bids in the tender for the financing contract, design, construction and operation of the works of the Cargo Terminal at El Salvador's Oscar Romero Airport, under the format of Public-Private Partnership.

The original call for bids set February 12 as the deadline for receipt of proposals, however, because several companies have expressed interest in participating, it was decided to postpone until March 13 the delivery of tenders.

$700 Million New Airport Planned

August 2018

A US company has submitted an environmental impact study to build an international airport in Limón, Costa Rica, which will have a 4-kilometer runway, an 18,000 square meter passenger terminal and a 30,000 square meter warehouse.

The firm Mel Group ELM SA, which already presented a proposal to finance the development of the project in 2015, submitted the environmental impact study (EIA) to the Setena.

Environmental Study for New Airport

July 2018

It has been announced that starting from August 20 companies interested in developing an environmental feasibility study for the new Metropolitan Airport of Costa Rica, to be built in Orotina, may present their proposals.

Civil Aviation Authorities reported that the reference value for the environmental feasibility study of the air terminal is $1.1 million.