Air Transport: Northern Triangle Agreement

Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador signed the Regulations for the Facilitation of Air and Airport Operations, which will allow some of the flights operating between the three countries to be considered domestic flights.

Monday, April 29, 2019

The Honduran Minister of Investment, Luis Mata, explained that "... this makes it interesting for local and regional airlines to be able to use their planes on regional flights now considered as domestic or local flights with preferential rates."

From the Presidency of Honduras statement:

Guatemala, April 25. The Ministers of Economy of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador signed today in Guatemala City the Regulation of Facilitation of Air and Airport Operations between these three nations, which make up the Northern Triangle, which will allow airlines to perform uncontrolled aerodrome flights from one country to another, which will increase the arrival of tourists to Honduran territory.

The regulation was signed by the head of the Secretariat of Economic Development of Honduras, Arnaldo Castillo, the Minister of Economy of El Salvador, Luz Estrella Rodriguez, the Deputy Minister of Economy of Guatemala, Julio Dougherty, and the Secretary General of the Central American Economic Integration System (Sieca), Melvin Redondo.

The signing of the agreement is part of the scope of the Customs Union between the three nations, an action that was promoted and led by President Juan Orlando Hernandez through the Secretariat of Economic Development.

Until now, there was only one regulation for air operations between Honduras and Guatemala, but today El Salvador joined.

In the meeting held this Thursday it was agreed to improve the agreement with the incorporation of four airfields in Honduras: Rio Amarillo in Copan, Tela (Atlantis), the island of Utila and Gracias (Lempira).

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