Agricultural Potential of Salvadoran Coast

The coastal areas contain half of the most fertile land in the country with substantial resources for fisheries and tourism.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

With the implementation of Fomilenio II in the coastal area of ​​El Salvador, there is great opportunity for the development of agriculture, leveraging funds expected to be provided by the U.S. government with a counterpart by the Salvadoran government, in addition to the private investment that could go along with production projects.

The comprehensive and sustainable strategy for development of the Marine coast in El Salvador, designed by the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency, explained that the area "has a unique strategic potential to become an engine of economic growth in the region and the country, because it houses half of the most fertile lands of the nation, it is a rich and diverse environment, one of the largest in Central America, with substantial resources for fishing and tourism, which are connected to other areas in the volcanic chain with high production potential".

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Millennium Challenge Corporation Approves Fomilenio II

July 2013

The Investment Committee of the Millennium Challenge Corporation has given approval for the implementation of Fomelino II in the marine coastal area of El Salvador.

This "is a momentous step for the realization of this strategic commitment which will bring significant benefits to the population of the coastal area and the country in general," said Alexander Segovia, Technical Secretary of the Presidency.

Growing Interest in Fomilenio II

April 2013

There will be additional credit lines for investments in areas where the U.S. government assistance program is carried out.

"Currently, there are 67 expressions of interest for investment in projects to be implemented in the coastal zone, and that number could rise to 80, with a new call be undertaken by the Government in the next few days", reports

$413 million in Projects for FOMILENIO

March 2013

47 companies replied to the call by the Government of El Salvador to present investment projects supported by grant funds from FOMILENIO II. reports that the Salvadoran government "already has 47 expressions of interest to run future investment projects in the coastal zone of the country, as part of the second Fomilenio, which together amount to $413 million."

Investment Opportunities in El Salvador

March 2012

Private investors have had their interest aroused by opportunities offered by the second agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation for development of the coastal and maritime zone.

The government of El Salvador expects to sign a second agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the United States to promote projects in the coastal area of the country, called Fomilenio II.