Agreement to Moderate Customs Penalties

Guatemala will reduce the grounds for tax sanction from 75 to 25, and will reduce fines up to 75%.

Monday, July 15, 2013 reports that "A new initiative of the National Customs Act, has the backing of both the Government, business, customs and shipping offices, to reduce the number of grounds for sanctions to 25, from a list of 78 established in the regulation which despite being in force since February 2012, is currently suspended by government decision. "

Also planned is the use of an electronic marking system to replace the insurance for merchandise which raised costs for companies.

So far "more than five governmental agreements" have been issued, to correct errors reported by the Tax Update Law .

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Guatemala: Customs Offices Threaten to Stop Work

February 2014

They are opposing the Agile Import Window to be implemented if the law on competitiveness and productivity is approved.

The Corporation of Guatemalan Customs Agents (CAAG) and the Association of International Carriers oppose the Agile Import Window (VAI by is initials in Spanish) to be implemented if the Productivity and Competitiveness Act is approved.

Controversial Customs Law in Guatemala

October 2013

After a year and a half of being in force the law is being applied partially and no processes have been established nor have improvements been made to the existing ones.  

This was explained by Jean Paul Brichaux, executive director of the Council of International Transport Users in Guatemala (Cutrigua).

New Extension of Exemption from Customs Fines

September 2013

The exemption of fines for customs offenses will be extended, for the sixth time, until December 15.

The exemption which was to expire on 15 September will be extended until 15 December.

"We are extending the agreement because there is a new Intendent of Customs and we do not want to generate distortion in operations. We believe this will be the last extension to be given," said Pavel Centeno, Minister of Finance, yesterday.

Application of Transfer Pricing in Guatemala

May 2013

The Tax Authority is analysis how to apply transfer pricing for imports and exports, as well as transactions conducted with other companies which hold shares and / or have common directors.

According to the Law on Tax Update (LAT by its initials in Spanish), taxpayers must submit to the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) certain information and documentation.