Chancellors Agreement Does Not Lift Blockade in Paso Canoas

An agreement signed between the foreign ministries of Costa Rica and Panama was not enough for the Costa Rican truckers to lift the blockade in Paso Canoas, which has gone on for five days.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Juan Carlos Segura, a spokesman for the carriers, said that the 300 trucks at the border will remain in place because the compromise agreed by the ministers is a joke and does not address the abuses of the State Border Service of Panama (SENAFRONT).

"We can not allow Panamanian authorities to confiscate car keys, or make us to return to Paso Canoas or force us to pay traffic fines before the statutory 30 day period," he said.

According to the Costa Rican Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo, the conflict with Panama has been resolved and all that is left is to wait for the truckers to pay their fines.

"We hope that today the Panamanian authorities will take measures to expedite the process for carriers," said Fernando Ocampo, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade.

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Blockades Continue on Costa Rica - Panama Border

February 2016

The union has exhausted dialogue with the regional government of Chiriqui and is a blockading the border preventing the movement of freight carriers in Central America.

The provincial government in Chiriqui has failed to prevent Panamanian carriers, organized by the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation in Panama, (Canatraca) from indefinitely blocking the passage of trucks across the border in Paso Canoas (information at time of going to press at 3:30 p.m).

Blockade in Paso Canoas Lifted

August 2013

Costa Rican truckers have lifted the blockade which they were holding at Paso Canoas confident that the Panamanian authorities will comply with the agreements signed.

The truckers decided to end the five-day strike held in Paso Canoas and are hoping that the Costa Rican government will not permit them to suffer any more abuses by the State Border Service (SENAFRONT).

Paso Canoas: The Irresponsibility of Two States

August 2013

Conflicts of interest between carriers and the apathy of the authorities of Costa Rica and Panama have kept the border blocked for all regional trade.


It's not just that immigration and customs officials do not provide a 24 hour service, as is needed, and as occurs at other Central American borders, but that in Paso Canoas, the governments of Costa Rica and Panama are not exercising their authority in a responsible manner, resulting in conflicts for one reason or another, with consequent blockades and closures that produce serious economic losses not only for Panamanians and Costa Ricans, but also for all Central American companies whose imports or exports pass through this border.

Costa Rica - Panama Border Closed Again

August 2013

Costa Rican transporters have blocked the Paso Canoas border alleging abuses in the controls carried out by Panamanian authorities.

The measure taken by the Costa Ricans have already caused millions in losses due to delays in the arrival of cargo and damage to goods. For this reason the National Chamber of Panamanian Cargo Transporters (Canatraca) has asked the authorities concerned to solve a problem which has returned only five months after an agreement was signed between the two nations.