Advances in Technology Use in Panama

Investments by Panama are resulting in it being positioned next to Chile in the 2013 Information Technology ranking by the World Economic Forum.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The availability of free internet nationwide in 'infoplazas', the provision of computers with Internet access to schools and the implementation of e-government, has allowed Panama to advance its use of new technologies in Latin America.

"The advances place Panama in a leadership position in Latin America in the adoption of information technologies and communication, known as ICT, to be located in the first position in Central America and third in the region climbing eleven positions in the 2013 Global Report on Information Technology published by the world Economic Forum which evaluates 144 economies in the world," noted an article in

The country has invested approximately $120 million in digital inclusion programs. However, state modernization in technology has meant an investment of over one billion dollars in the last three years.

According to Eduardo Jaen, general administrator of the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), the programs are ambitious, as the government aims to increase investment from 0.4% of GDP to the regional average of 0.7% of GDP.

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Panama is the only country in the region which has improved considerably in the use of information technology in the last year.

Investments in the field of information technology have resulted in more and better use of these IT services in Panama, which has improved its overall position in the use of technology, according to the Information Technology 2014 report, prepared by the World Economic Forum World.

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The fact that companies from the sector have invested about $250 million to settle in the country, is characterising Panama as a strategic center for data storage in America.

According to Eduardo Jaen, head of the Panamanian Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), the majority of these firms offer their services to banking and telephony companies in Central America and the Caribbean, and "Panama has found a safe haven for their data ".

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Top of the list in the region is Panama (57 in the world), followed by Costa Rica (58), Guatemala (98), Honduras (99), El Salvador (103) and Nicaragua (131).

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