Accesability: A City for All

Let's build a kind city for disabled people. Manual, A City for All, in now available in AUTOCAD and 3D google sketchup.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

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Disabled people and senior citizens who could nicely go around the city, its shopping malls, airports, hospitals, medical centers, restaurants, work places, rest rooms, homes, cultural and recreation sites, among others, do not have a pleasant experience. Their movements and the attention of their basic and minimum needs make their daily living difficult and obstruct their development as active citizens. They are people that find the opportunities of enjoying kind and accessible spaces limited.

Accessibility, understood as the condition that enables in any space, indoors or outdoors, the easy movement of the population in general, and its use in a safe, reliable and efficient manner, is an including and kind solution that incorporates disabled people and senior citizens together with their relatives into the market and the life of the city.

I propose to work together, not only because I am in a wheelchair, but because I have dedicated my time to acknowledge, understand and propose solutions to the lack of accessibility from my own experience. In this process, I have understood that the situation of disability may reach directly or indirectly all citizens and the actions that aim at creating kind, functional and including spaces would benefit everyone.

Sonia Verswyvel

Manual A City for All

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