Abandoned Property Improvements in Panama

Panama's Ministry of Housing requires different supplies to improve abandoned properties in deplorable conditions in the provinces of Chorrillo, Santa Ana and Calidonia.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Panama Government Purchase 2021-0-14-0-08-08-LP-018752:

"The bidding will be on a lump sum basis to obtain the 127 various supplies needed to make improvements to abandoned properties in poor condition in Chorrillo, Santa Ana and Calidonia. Some of the supplies are as follows:

* 2,500 sacks of gray cement.
* 17,500 sacks of 40-kilogram cement for plastering.
* 750 pounds of reinforcing wire No. 16.
* 1,200 lumber 2 "X4 "X10' Espave.
* 580 single patch locks (key/butterfly).
* 60 toilets, tank and round bowl.
* 2,800 1/2" PVC electrical connectors.

For other supplies, enter the tender."

Deadline for submission of bids: October 18, 2021.

See tender.

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