A Pause in the Hunt for Trade Agreements

Costa Rica business associations are calling for better management of the free trade agreements that have already been signed, stopping the search for others.

Monday, August 27, 2012

According to the Costa Rican Chamber of the Food Industry (Cacia), first existing agreements should be better managed before searching for new ones.
Meanwhile, the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica (ICRC) has seen exports to several countries where there are free trade agreements (FTAs) decrease.
"What is the great benefit that the treaties represent?" asked Juan Ramon Rivera, president of the ICRC. "Wouldn’t it be more intelligent, he added, to try to take advantage of the ones that we have already signed rather than roaming the world signing treaties that, really, are not positively impacting how much we export?"reported Nacion.com

In the view of the Minister for Foreign Trade, Anabel Gonzalez, the FTAs with China, Chile and Canada accounted for increases of up to 74% on exports, as in the case of shipments to China.

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Pacific Alliance Worries Industrial Sector in Costa Rica

February 2014

The Chamber of Industry perceives an "unusual secrecy" in progress toward an agreement that may seriously compromise the competitiveness of the sector.  

The Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica (ICRC) has asked the Government to explain the scope of commitments made with the signing of the adherence to the Pacific Alliance.

Food Industry Opposes FTA with Colombia

August 2013

The Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industry believes that the trade agreement could pose a threat to Costa Rican production.

From a press release by the Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industry (CACIA):

In a letter addressed to the members of the Committee for International Relations and Foreign Trade, the Costa Rican Chamber of Food Industry, CACIA, once again was vehement in its opposition to the possible approval of the FTA with Colombia, by the Legislative Assembly .

Costa Rica: Businessmen Happy with China

June 2013

One by one the main leaders of Costa Rican business associations have expressed their appreciation and optimism for the agreements reached with the Chinese government.

The Costa Rican business sector believes that the decisions taken by the Governments of Costa Rica and China will help, directly or indirectly, the Costa Rican economy.

Panama Soon to Join SIECA

May 2012

Panama's accession will be formalized in late June and will accelerate the elimination of tariffs and facilitate regional trade.

In Costa Rica and other Central American countries there are expectations over Panama's accession to the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat, which will be signed in Tegucigalpa on June 29, and the regional benefits it will bring.