A New Mining Law in the Dominican Republic

The bill contemplates creating a National System for the Distribution of Mining State Income, which would use the funds generated to finance sustainable development projects in the country.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mines:

SANTO DOMINGO, December 17, 2017The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) sent the Executive Branch the Draft Mining Law, a consensual initiative that promotes a greater participation of the State in the wealth extracted without being detrimental to the profitability of private enterprise in a win-win model.

"This is a historical venture, unprecedented, through means of a mining model that aims to exploit the riches of the subsoil in a rational way and gain without plundering," proclaimed Minister Antonio Isa Conde.

Read draft mining law (in Spanish).

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February 2018

The consortium Dong Jyu Group is exploring business opportunities in Honduras, with the objective of marketing minerals such as gold, silver and bronze, as well as opal and jade.

From a statement issued by the Honduran Institute of Geology and Mines: 

A New Mining Company in El Salvador

September 2016

Companies in the sector point to the favorable geological conditions for this activity in the country and advocate that the suspension of concessions which has been in effect since 2009 be lifted.

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