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Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. It is very possible that your company needs to be there, and for that you need a Community Manager.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. It is very possible that your company needs to be there, and for that you need a Community Manager.

Although it has some common characteristics, the new required professional differs from a public relations specialist or a communications manager. And it is important not to make the mistake of assuming that just a “cheerleader” will do, some young dude who uses Internet and Social Media a lot.

The community manager is a specialist in Web 2.0 and the possibilities offered by the new communication and information technologies. (And it’s very possible that the labor market does not have many individuals with the required skill set).

An article by Roger Breatau in Suite101.net discusses the topic, providing a basic outline of the job description for our Community Manager.

-Generate a loyal and dynamic virtual community
-Listen actively to the community
-Direct the flow of information
-Involve business leaders
-Provide leadership
-Check the reputation and corporate image online
-Prepare reports

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