AT & T Authorized to Operate in Costa Rica

The company will provide data transfer services in leased line mode using fiber optical links for a period of 10 years.

Monday, August 15, 2016 reports that "...The business model that the company described to the Sutel is to use the public telecommunications networks belonging to other operators, who already have proper authorization for the provision of services."

In the future the telecommunications giant will expand its service offerings in the country, once it obtains authorization from the Sutel.

"... In 2015, the service of leased lines in Costa Rica fell by 13% to 14,000 subscriptions, according to data from the Sutel, revenues from this service exceeded ¢38.000 million. "

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AT&T Comes to Costa Rica with Dedicated Lines

June 2016

The communications giant has requested authorization to operate in the country in the market of data transfer services under the model of leased lines. reports that "... The leased lines data market includes services known as dedicated lines, which are connectivity services normally provided to companies and institutions.

ICE Opens Up Its Telecommunications Network

July 2010

Costa Rica’s state-owned electricity and telecommunications provider has interfaced its network with Ticom and CallMyWay, two telecom companies offering VOIP services.

The two companies are the first to be interfaced after presenting their requests to the Costa Rica's Telecommunications Regulator (SUTEL).

Costa Rica: Opening of Telecom Market Moves Forward

October 2009

Market supervisor Sutel has already approved 32 companies offering Internet, VoIP and business networking services.

Advertising and promotions by the different companies will probably start around the end of 2009.

Additionally, there are 43 more companies pending authorization with Sutel.

497 Companies Sign Up in Sutel

July 2009

The Costa Rican Telecommunications Superintendent is processing applications for companies willing to provide telecom services.

Companies that fail to do the necessary paperwork risk being shut down and having their equipment removed by the Superintendence.

From website: "Voice over IP, prepaid cards and data transport connections are among the proposals.