AI and Sales Strategies

For companies, it is increasingly essential to support their strategies with artificial intelligence (AI) and "machine learning" tools, since these systems have the ability to suggest the best combinations of offers to ensure sales success.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

For sales software used by companies, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become essential, because only in this way is it possible to successfully analyze the large volumes of information generated from information systems that record customer data.

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For Paul Greenberg, CEO of The 56 Group, "... Investments in the constant improvement of AI by companies like Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce are important enough to indicate that AI has become part of what they have to offer, and that demand for AI is high from companies that are large and complex to help them deal with different needs on a large scale, as well as smaller companies that are using it to solve customer service problems or minimize responses to service queries with chatbots."

According to specialists, AI applied to corporate marketing strategies allows smaller companies to behave as if they were much bigger, and larger ones to do more than they could before.

The article published in reviews that "... for Greenberg, AI has improved enough in recent years that it has gone from predictive to prescriptive, which means that software can now suggest that it is more likely to be positive in closing a sale, or the best combination of offers to build a successful marketing campaign."

Using business tools that are highly automated and intelligent will make it easier for corporations to achieve their business goals.

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