AEO Program in Guatemala

The Customs Directorate is calling on companies involved in foreign trade to take part in the AEO Programme.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Customs Directorate is inviting producers, importers, exporters, carriers, customs agents, bonded warehouses, Consolidated / deconsolidated companies, courier companies, free zones and ports, to form part of the AEO Program of Guatemala, which strikes a balance between security and facilitation of international trade, through a strategic alliance between the Customs Administration, the Tax Authority and the different participants in the supply chain.

Among the advantages that this program offers are:

1. The prestige of the organization nationally and internationally;
2. The rapid movement of low-risk cargo through customs;
3. Better security levels;
4. Reducing costs in the supply chain;
5. Greater trade opportunities;
6. Better understanding of customs requirements;
7. Better communication between supply chain participants who are OAS members and the Guatemalan customs offices.
8.Possibility of being recognized as an AEO by the customs offices in other countries.

The program does not generate costs in the process of orientation, evaluation, authorization and monitoring by the Customs Directorate of the Tax Authority.

Interested parties can contact us by telephone on 23297070, extensions 1326 and 1327 or email at

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More on this topic

Panama: Streamlining of Customs Procedures

January 2017

The three local companies that were certified as AEOs will have priority in customs and will be able to carry out processes in less time and at less cost.

From a statement issued by presidency of Panama:

Three local companies were today certified as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), a tool which facilitates international trade, by helping to maintain a reliable security standard and through which the Logistics Office of the Government of the Republic is fulfilling its commitment to support the private sector.

Customs: Authorized Economic Operator System in Panama

May 2016

Companies that are certified as AEOs are able to reduce paperwork and are given priority at customs offices.

Like Costa Rica and Guatemala, Panama is now using the AEO program. Companies interested in obtaining certification should contact the National Customs Authority.

Authorized Economic Operator

April 2013

The function of the AEO is to contribute to the implementation of safety guidelines of the World Customs Organization in order to have a secure supply chain.

From Wikipedia:

"The AEO certificate, issued by customs authorities in the EU and many other countries using the same or a similar name, is a trusted certificate which Customs offices give to traders who meet certain requirements which demonstrate to the customs offices their reliability regarding customs processes, solvency and safety. It is granted to operators involved in the chain of international trade, whether natural or legal persons, provided that the professional activity of these operators is subject to customs regulations, such as importers, exporters, manufacturers, representatives at customs offices, bearers, carriers , terminal operators, shippers etc.

Guatemala: Easier International Trade

November 2010

AEO will provide companies with an easier the processes in imports and exports.

The Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT) has created the "Authorized Economic Operator" (AEO) legal vehicle, which allows qualified companies to streamline their import and export operations.