$99 Million in Power Transmission Line

In Panama, the construction of the 230 Kv Sabanitas - Panama III Transmission Line and associated substations is tendered.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Panama Government Purchase 2019-2-78-0-03-LP-011271:

"The contract includes the performance of the following works:

-Supply, Assembly and works related to the Construction of the Panama III Sabanitas Line, specifically from the Mocambo sector where the Panama III Substation will be located to Sabanitas, Colón where the Sabanitas Substation will be located.

-Supply, assembly, civil works and commissioning of the Panama III and Sabanitas substations, these substations will be of the encapsulated GIS type.
-In the Panama III substation, the existing lines will be divided: LT2_Guasquita - Panama II and LT_3 Chorrera - Panama.

-At the Sabanitas Substation, the existing LT_Cristobal-Panama II lines owned by AES PANAMA will be divided; additional warehouses will also be left for the entry of new lines from other market agents.

Deadline for receipt of tenders: August 6, 2019.

See tender.

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$99 Million Electrical Works Tender Postponed

August 2019

November 7, 2019 is the new date for the receipt of tenders in the tender for the construction of the 230 Kv Sabanitas - Panama III Transmission Line and associated substations.

The initial date for receipt of tenders was August 6, but because some companies interested in submitting proposals asked for the extension of the deadline, the authorities of Empresas de Transmisión Eléctrica, S.A.

Tender for Fourth Electric Transmission Line Postponed

January 2019

March 28 is the new date to present proposals for the design, construction and operation of the Fourth Electric Transmission Line in Panama.

The modification to the terms of the public tender was carried out by the Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica (Etesa) at the request of the companies pre-qualified in the process.

Tender: Electricity Works for $10 million

July 2017

The Electricity Transmission Company of Panama is putting out to tender the supply, assembly and commissioning of the Burunga substation.

Panama Government Purchase 2017-2-78-0-15-LP-008787:

"The contract includes the implementation of the project "Supply, Assembly, Commissioning, Commissioning and Civil Works for the Burunga Substation", which consists of the following sub-projects:

Tender: Electricity Works for $28 million

June 2017

Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica de Panamá is putting out to tender work to increase capacity of the transmission lines Mata de Nance - Veladero and Guasquitas - Veladero.

Government Purchase Panama 2017-2-78-0-99-LP-008767:

"Supply, assembly and works related to increasing the capacity of the existing line Mata de Nance - Veladero 230 KV: the driver of the Transmission Line Mata de Nance - Veladero (lines 230-5B / 6C) will be changed to a special high-temperature, low-sag (HTLS) conductor. The scope of work is described in the Standard Specifications, Chapter III, Part 2, Technical Specifications, Transmission Lines.