$71 Million for Guatemalan Coffee Growers

A number of coffee associations have reacted to the sector’s losses by requesting the activation of a $71 million Coffee Trust.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The National Coffee Association (Anacafé) agrees with the Federation of Coffee Cooperatives (Fedecocagua) that this is the optimal time for the government to activate this trust, after the eruption of Pacaya Volcano and Agatha tropical storm damaged plantations.

“Anacafé stated that to activate the fund, the Agriculture Ministry must first release the money”, reported Sigloxxi.com. “However, Fedecocagua argues that this is not necessary, as growers just need to be told where to apply for the funds”.

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Guatemala: Financing to Renew Coffee Plantations

May 2017

While the government's promised trust funds remain inaccessible, producers are negotiating credit lines in China and India in order to finance the renewal of coffee plantations.

Ricardo Arenas, president of the National Coffee Association (Anacafé), explained to Elperiodico.com.gt that "...

Guatemala: $100 million Available to Address Rust

June 2014

The trust has become operational which gives loans with a term until 2026 and interest at 2% per year for smallholders and 3% for medium and large producers.

From a statement issued by the National Coffee Association of Guatemala:

With the amendment of the public deed which created the "Trust for financial support for producers in the coffee sector" with assets of $100 million; the National Coffee Association (Anacafé) can say: mission accomplished.

El Salvador: Bureaucracy Holding Up Coffee Loans

February 2014

Salvadoran coffee growers are decrying the fact that in order to qualify for a loan they must meet up to 17 requirements with financial institutions.

Among other things, the banks are asking coffee producers for 'the balance sheet and income statement at the end of last year, with ruling and notes, a trial balance which is not less than three months older than the date of application for the loan.

Guatemala: Coffee Growers Get Credit

July 2011

The Trust for financial support for the coffee sector has made $38 million available for financing the sector.

The coffee price crisis of 2002, which affected small producers, was the reason for the creation of the trust, which has since provided funds to farmers for different situations that the industry has faced.