$60 million Investment for Aircraft Maintenance

Canada's Aeroman plans to build two new hangars in Comalapa to service six aircraft simultaneously.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ernesto Ruiz, CEO, said that Aeroman's plans include building additional capacity for aircraft maintenance in the next five years.

"The future investment, which could reach $60 million, will be implemented in two phases. The figure includes the infrastructure and equipment," noted an article in Elsalvador.com.

"We are in negotiations with the airport authority to start construction, but if all goes well and the deal becomes firm we could have the pleasant surprise of seeing a tractor moving earth in the next two months," said Ruiz.

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More Space for Aircraft Maintenance

June 2015

The construction of the new Aeroman hangar in El Salvador is going according to schedule, therefore in September 20 thousand square meters will be added costing $55 million.

The hangar under construction will be the company's fifth, and it is expected that in September it will be avialable for use for aircraft maintenance.

Aeroman Continues Expansion Plans

March 2012

The closure of Aveos in Canada will not affect the aircraft maintenance company in El Salvador, which will open its fourth hangar in April.

The closure of operations in Canada by Aveos, the company which owns Aeroman in El Salvador will not affect the business of this aircraft-maintenance firm- or its employees, announced Aeroman’s management in the Central American country.

Aircraft Maintenance in El Salvador

February 2011

Aeroman announced it has conducted over 1000 large aircraft checkups and unveiled investment plans.

In the past four years, the Salvadoran company has doubled the number of aircraft it has served, growing from 500 in 2005 to 1,000.

The company, owned by Aveos Group, plans to invest $120 million to build 12 more hangars and increase its skilled workforce from 1800 to 3000.

Aeroman Puts Conditions to Invest More in El Salvador

June 2010

To invest more in the Salvadoran aircraft maintenance industry, the company requires better airport infrastructure.

Aeroman is a company that provides aircraft maintenance services in El Salvador. It is preparing to invest $20 million in its eight operation line, but this initiative requires that authorities improve roads and infrastructure at and around the main airport of the country.