5 Key Items in Digital Communication

Internet is like a gold mine for small companies: there is no easier or cheaper way of reaching the target audience.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

However, we must take note of the different ways of using the web as a marketing tools, or we could be wasting time and business opportunities.

An article in Capital.com defines 5 items to pay attention to:
1 - Professional email address: so that people can trust you.
2 - Social Networking: make sure your name gets out.
3 - A good web site: make sure it is easy to use.
4 - Have good visibility on the web: do something unexpected to get your name and your image out there.
5 - Maintain your Internet presence: update your site daily.

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The Business Network of a 40 million People Market

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CentralAmericaData.COM, the leading Central American website on business, economics and finance, launches the Central American Business Network.

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