5G Auction: Requirements in Costa Rica

After the session between Sutel and the operators interested in participating in the public auction of the 5G network, the businessmen ask the authorities to draw up a roadmap and a schedule that includes the recovery and availability of the required frequencies.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Claro, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), Telefónica, Call May Way, Huawei Technologies Costa Rica, Next Curve, Telecable, Viasat and Cabletica, were some of the 12 operators that attended the hearing called by the Superintendence of Telecommunications (Sutel), in which the willingness of the companies to participate in the public auction of the frequencies of the radioelectric spectrum in question was known.

Since ICE has monopolized the 2.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz frequencies, the other operators are asking the authorities to make the spectrum available to the State and not to a public operator.

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Jose Pablo Rivera, manager of regulation, communication and institutional relations of Telefonica Movistar Costa Rica, told Elfinancierocr.com that "... the authorities cannot avoid the imminent discussion: what will the country decide with respect to the spectrum that is concentrated in a single operator."

Rivera added that "... it is reasonable that the spectrum be available to the State, and that the Ministry of Science and Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt) and Sutel design a comprehensive bidding strategy to ensure that 5G technology is deployed competitively."

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High-speed mobile data, broadband connectivity for complex locations, development of connected or autonomous vehicles, local and wide area networks for corporate-level automation in industry, entertainment, agriculture and virtual medicine, among other sectors, are services that can be marketed with 5G networks.

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Preparations are being made for a new tender to assign radio spectrum to a private third party mobile operator.

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) plans to allocate part of the spectrum in the bands 700, 900 and 2500 Mhz. 

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December 2014

The government has confirmed that the auction of the remaining 70 MHz of spectrum in 2015 will be only among the three current telecommunications operators.  

In the end the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt) announced that the auction of radio spectrum of 70MHz in early 2015, which aims to strengthen the current market, will be launched without the involvement of a fourth operator, as was originally considered.

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The Ministry of Telecommunications has announced that a tender for allocating frequencies will take place in early 2015 and plans to add a new operator to the process.

Officials added that the tender documents will be ready at the end of the semester and discussed the possibility of adding one more operator to the competition.

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The Government is considering a possible tender for a new radio frequency block that would provide fourth-generation mobile services.

Alejandro Cruz, Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt), asked the Sutel to define the future of the 70 MHz block not auctioned in 2011, when Telefonica and Claro were awarded frequencies.