$50 Million for Small and Medium Panamanian Companies

The Panamanian government is allocating this amount to the development of micro and small businesses involving 546,412 establishments on the national level.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Giselle Calcagno, Minster of the Micro, Small, and Medium Business Authority (AMPYME, acronym in Spanish) commented that the fund is designated for seed capital, micro-credit, collateral funds, and for technical training and assistance.

Reporter Michelle Dominguez publishes comments from Fernando Márquez, the president of the National Union of Small and Medium Businesses (UNPYME, acronym in Spanish) in her article in Panama America’s website: “…the government plan talks about reinforcing AMPYME and, to that end, the programs aimed at the sector… the association will meet on July 17th with government representatives to present recommendations that would benefit micro-businesses.”

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Panama: COLAC to administer $13 million in Microcredit

July 2011

The AMPYME has given the Latin American Confederation of Credit Unions (COLAC) administration of the trust FIDEMICRO-OPORTUNIDAD.

The Panamanian Authority for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (AMPYME) has awarded to COLAC the administration of a $13 million trust, called FIDEMICRO-OPORTUNIDAD, which aims to support over 6,500 micro and small enterprises.

Panama: Loans Conference for SMEs

August 2010

The show, organized by the Panamanian Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Authority (AMPyME in Spanish), will be held on 1 and 2 of September in the Atlapa Conference Center.

The idea of the show is to gather under one roof as many financial institutions as possible with products for the MSME sector with the aim of providing small companies with the support they need to develop their businesses.

Up to $1.000 in Seed Funding for SMEs

November 2009

In addition to non-reimbursable funds, Panamanian entrepreneurs will receive technical assistance for elaborating business plans.

Congress is discussing Law 35, which comprises the creation of the Entrepreneurship Fostering Fund. This includes a Seed Capital trust fund, and resources for Technical Assistance, Guarantees and Micro-credit.

Taxes Reduced for SMEs in Panama

June 2009

The 75% reduction of the flat rate will be applied to micro- and small-businesses that invoice less than $500,000 per year.

This measure will be enacted by President-elect Ricardo Martinelli in his first 100 days in government, and it entails applying tiered discounts of up to 75% of the flat rate paid by businesses that invoice less than $500,000 annually.