$43 million Paid for Mobile Frequencies

In the tender for 70 MHz of frequencies for telephone and mobile telephone and Internet services in Costa Rica, Claro paid $19 million for three blocks of frequencies and Movistar $24 million for four blocks.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

In the against the clock auction, in a single round, the Telecommunications Superintendence (Sutel) sold the 70 MHz that had been left idle since the first radio spectrum contest was held in 2011.

Nacion.com reports that "...The auction ended with the following distributions: Claro paid $19 million for two blocks in the 1,800 MHz band and another in the 2,100 MHz band. Movistar paid $24 million for another two blocks also in the 1,800 MHz band and two remaining blocks in the 2,100 MHz band. The telephone companies did not exceed the base price set by the Sutel of $43 million for the seven blocks sold in the auction."

"... The auction was based on base prices of $7 million for four blocks and $5 million for the other three."

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Tender: Spectrum for Mobile Telephony and Internet

December 2016

A tender is being launched in Costa Rica for seven generic blocks (2 x 5 MHz) in the bands of 1800 MHz and 1900/2100 MHz of the radio spectrum for mobile telephony and Internet.

Government Purchase No. 354-2015 Costa Rica-TEL-MICITT:

"The Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel), is putting out to tender by means of a Public Act seven generic blocks (2 x 5 MHz) in the bands of 1800 MHz and 1900/2100 MHz for mobile telephony and internet services.

Costa Rica: Radio Spectrum Tender re launched

June 2014

The tender scheduled for the second half of the year includes a block of 40 MHz from the 1800 MHz band and a 30 MHz from the bands 1900/2100 MHz

After being canceled in late April by the Chinchilla administration, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communications has decided to restart the project and is analysing how the bidding process will be structured.

4G Frequencies Under Consideration in Costa Rica

May 2013

The Government is considering a possible tender for a new radio frequency block that would provide fourth-generation mobile services.

Alejandro Cruz, Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt), asked the Sutel to define the future of the 70 MHz block not auctioned in 2011, when Telefonica and Claro were awarded frequencies.

Costa Rica: Tender for Radio Frequencies

February 2013

The government is analyzing the market in order to decide whether to offer in a tender the 70 MHz in the bands of 2100 and 1800 MHz, which have not yet been awarded to any operator.

Elfinancierocr.com reports that "The government will have to make decisions on the spectrum, evaluating the possibility of launching a new competition to tender other spaces in the spectrum, by means of a study which will be ready in two months."