$4,200 Paid per cwt of Coffee in Guatemala

Asian companies bought 16 pounds of gourmet coffee from a farm in El Progreso during the International Cup of Excellence auction.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The batch of coffee which achieved the highest price paid since the international Cup of Excellence auction began comes from the farm Kalibus de Sierra in San Cristobal Acasaguastlán, El Progreso.

"... the companies GSC International from Korea and Shanghai Borong International Trading from China joined forces to buy the lot from the estate. These companies also bought coffee from the farm El Injerto 1 in Huehuetenango for U.S. $20.30 per pound. "

Nils Leporowski, president of Anacafé, told Prensalibre.com: "... During the auction 24 lots were sold, and total sales were to U.S. $609,727 'It's the best amount raised at the auction this year, compared to the events which took place in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras and Costa Rica. '"

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$58 per pound Paid for Guatemalan coffee

June 2017

A sample of the grain from a farm in the municipality of Acatenango obtained the highest price in the online auction known as the Coffee Excellence Cup in Guatemala.

Angel-in-us Coffee and Maruyama Coffee Co. yesterday bought the two lots of high-quality Pacamara coffee produced in the municipality of Acatenango by the El Paraxaj estate.  In the Excellence Cup online auction, the highest price was $58 per pound and the second highest was quoted at $53.41.  

Guatemala: Specialty Coffee Auction

April 2015

Forty-nine samples qualified for the national competition, which will be used to select entrants in the international auction, the Cup of Excellence, to be held from 4 to 8 May.

Of the 117 samples that were received in the preselection stage, 49 were classified with a minimum score of 85 points.

Costa Rica: $4,120 Paid per cwt of Coffee in Auction

June 2014

The amount paid by Japanese and Taiwanese roasters in the international auction is the highest for Costa Rican coffee in the last seven years.

The batch of coffee sold to international buyers who paid more than $4000 per quintal comes from La Bandera de Copey de Santa María de Dota, owned by producer Luis Navarro.

$2,120 Per cwt Paid for Nicaraguan Coffee

May 2014

A gourmet coffee from a farm in the town of Dilpito and local contest winner received the highest price in the online international auction.

The 25 lots of coffee in the auction had an averaged selling price of $933 per cwt (hundredweight), the highest price recorded in the 11 editions of the event based in Nicaragua.