$40 million More for Centranorte Project

Banrural and the German Bank for Development and Investment have granted a loan to Servicios para Centrales S.A. to finish building the bus transfer terminal CentraNorte in Guatemala.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Rural Development Bank (Banrural) and the German Bank for Development and Investment (DEG, by its German acronym), have agreed to pay $40 million to the company Servicios para Centrales S.A., to complete construction of the bus transfer terminal CentraNorte, reported Elperiodico.com.gt.

CentraNorte will be a bus transfer center located in zone 18 of the capital which is due to come into operation on 15 November and expects to serve more than 1,600 buses and 30,000 passengers per day (about 2.1 million people a month) coming from the northeast of the country. The project’s construction area measures 60 thousand square meters and will house 271 shops.

The project belongs to Guatemalan investors and the Colombian construction company ConConcreto, who have already invested $20 million of equity in the project.

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Tender for Metropolitan Transport System

November 2012

The Ministry of Public Works in El Salvador has announced a tender for the construction of the first section of the Metropolitan Transit System, for about $10 million.

Viceminister Nelson Garcia said that this stage will consist of 3.3 kilometers of streets with dedicated lanes for articulated buses.

Albrook Mall is a Model for Guatemala

March 2012

A group of Guatemalan businessmen led by Fernando Paiz, intend to use the idea of associating a passengers transfer center with a shopping center, something which has already been done in Panama.

"The business model of merging a transport terminal which provides sufficient human traffic with a large commercial center, and at the same time satisfies the purchasing needs of travelers who pass through it, or what can be seen today at Albrook Mall and the Great Panamanian Transport Terminal, will be copied in Guatemala," reports Laestrella.com.pa.

Colombians to Build Bus Terminal in Guatemala

September 2011

The Colombian company, Conconcreto, has announced an investment of $25 million to build the project.

The new bus terminal will have capacity to serve two million passengers a month, and will be built by Conconcreto and the company Servicios Para Centrales, originally from Guatemala, which will provide the remaining 50% of the investment ($25 million).

Bus Terminal for $50 million in Guatemala

August 2011

The complex will also have space for 300 banks, restaurants and shops.

In order to ease congestion of traffic coming from the East, a bus terminal will be built, which will be able to receive 2 million passengers per month.

Buses coming from that area will not have to go into the city, helping to improve traffic conditions in the capital, especially in rush hours.