$3 million IT Services Tender

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute is putting out to tender the acquisition and virtualization of platforms that are in a state of out-of-support.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2018CD-000542-0000400001:

"Some lines to be contracted:

- Support service for virtualization platform Huawei
- Installation, implementation and personalization, physical and logical services for updated SMSC and HPS platforms and virtualization platform.
- HPS software provisioning platform # 88032 PJL for managing users from CRM systems and updating data to the mobile network (SMSC, HLS, PCRF).
- SMSC text messaging center software # 88033 CUX, bas version V1R2 for reception, perpetual validity, mobile network control elements compatibility, for processing and sending text messages through mobile networks.
- Manage one software, compatibility with fusion shere and different hypervisors, version manageone V1R3 for the management of the resources of the virtualization platform. "

Reference value: $2.957.799.

The deadline for receipt of bids is October 2 2018.

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May 2021

The Honduran Institute of Social Security tenders the services of an enterprise-level cloud technology platform Amazon Web Service, for a one-year term.

Government of Honduras Purchase LPN-010-2021:

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In Costa Rica, the support services of the technological platform of the National Territorial Information System are being tendered.

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Having a database on the geographic information production units in the Public Sector at the national level.

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Costa Rican Government Purchase 2020LN-000001-0021400001:

"A technological platform will be acquired for the integral service of modernization of the technological platform that will allow the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) to support its mission-critical business processes in the areas of Finance, Supplies, Commercial, Planning, Project Management and Business Intelligence, in an effective and agile manner, through a technological infrastructure of modern business solutions, secure, stable, accessible and highly available, including their respective support and evolutionary maintenance services, providing significant value to customers, internal and external, through the automation of workflows, web channels, mobile devices and automatic exchange of information with other internal and external systems, by means of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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The Institute of Electricity tenders the upgrade of the OTA platform (Over The Air) and licensing for users.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2019LA-000033-0000400001:

"Lines tendered:

-OTA over the air software for the remote administration of UICC smart cards (universal integrated circuit card) of the mobile network, NFVI openstack platform compatibility, perpetual validity.