$39 Million in Transit Management System

Costa Rica's Road Safety Council tenders an intelligent transportation system for transit technology management, with a reference value of $39 million.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2019LI-000001-0058700001:

"The purpose of this tender is to contract a physical or legal company, a consortium that provides a turnkey solution of an intelligent transport system for a technological management of a safe and efficient mobility, providing electronic security, prevention and law enforcement, which combines different technological components such as: monitoring through security cameras with control radars, monitoring cameras with analytical software, information screens, information radars, media, operation, calibration of systems, maintenance, among others. All of the above, with the purpose of managing different road safety problems, with the purpose of reducing traffic accidents and deaths on the road and at the same time contribute to the reduction of vehicle flow. It will be developed in the Central Canton of San Jose and surrounding cantons, namely:

Implement a Technological Management for a Safe and Efficient Mobility at national level, scalable by phases, with at least 100 different geographical points initially within the Central Canton of San José and surrounding cantons.

As part of the solution, the following offices have been considered: - Viceministerio de Transportes y Seguridad Vial - Consejo de Seguridad Vial (COSEVI) - Consejo de Transporte Público (CTP) - Dirección General de Ingeniería de Tránsito (DGIT) - Dirección General de Policía de Tránsito (DGPT) - Planificación Sectorial e Informática del MOPT - Consejo Nacional de Vialidad (CONAVI).

Which consists of an Intelligent transport system that considers the following points: - Lane control exclusive for public transport - Video surveillance with analytical software - Speed control system - Control to the disrespect of red traffic light - Control to the disrespect of the vehicle restriction - Control of turns not allowed - Control of piques - Generation of photo fines - Counting and classification of vehicles.

Reference value: $39.540.616.

Deadline for receipt of tenders: September 5, 2019.

See tender.

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