$30 Million for Panamanian Agriculture

The agricultural industry is confident it will return to profitability with these investments.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

$11 million will be given as extraordinary loans for rice and corn growers from Coclé, Herrera and Los Santos, for the 2009/10 harvest.

Rubén Campos, general manager of the Agricultural Insurance Institute, told Pa-digital.com.pa that "they have approved bails up to $1.700.000 for growers from diverse sectors".

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Rescuing Panamanian Agriculture

December 2012

Panamanian businessmen have declared 2013 as the "year to save the agro ingustry", rescuing it from the virtual coma into which it has fallen.

Panamaamerica.com.pa reported that "The Panamanian Agriculture industry, a sector that contributes less than 3% to the gross domestic product, and whose budget for next year represents less than 1% of total assigned and with falling subsidies, is now “in the funeral chapel” asserted about 15 business and industry associations yesterday. "

Agricultural Agreement Signed for $5.6 million

February 2012

El Salvador has signed an agreement worth $5.6 million with the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC in Spanish) in order to strengthen agriculture.

The investment was made through the government program ‘Family Farming’. Jaime Miranda, Vice Minister of Development Cooperation of El Salvador, told EFE" ...

Spanish Company Looks to Invest in Nicaragua

January 2011

Globaltec Engineering, a business management and project implementation company, is analyzing investment options in the Nicaraguan market.

Company executives held meetings with representatives of the Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua (UPANIC), analyzing possible investments in the agricultural sector.

$26.5 Million for Honduran Farmers

March 2010

Banadesa, the National Bank for Agricultural Development, announced it has $26.5 million available for new loans.

Gilberto Guifarro, president of the Bank, explained that these resources will only be available for existing customers without arrears.

From newspaper La Tribuna: “The loan portfolio suffers from defaulting, back from when credits where granted without collateral, but new regulation is in place and the National Banking and Insurance Commision is regulating it”.