23,000 Bookkeepers to be Investigated

The Guatemalan Superintendent of the Tax Administration is investigating income tax return irregularities.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Since the month of April, the Superintendent of the Tax Administration (SAT) has been reviewing Guatemalan bookkeepers who manage and submit the financial statements for the accounts of more than 215,000 businesses.

In statements to Rosa Ma. Bolaños for an article in Prensalibre.com, the accountant Evangelina Aguilar expressed that "SAT requested the invoicing documents for 2007 and 2008 as well as the income tax returns and sales ledgers. In addition, SAT verified how many businesses are registered as accountants and they did an estimation of revenue or monthly income."

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Tax Controls for Professionals Tightened

September 2017

In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Finance has announced that it will intensify controls on tax returns submitted by professionals in activities such as medicine, law and accounting, among others.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance:

As part of the control actions carried out by the General Department of Taxation (DGT), this month a campaign was launched to monitor the professional sector which includes sending out more than 25 thousand messages.

Aceros de Guatemala Pays $103 million to Treasury

May 2016

The amount paid to the Tax Authority corresponds to unpaid taxes, plus penalties and interest.

An article on Lahora.gt reports that the Superintendent of the SAT, Juan Francisco Solorzano, said that "... It is the largest payment made by any entity, in relation to adjustments that had been made or that had been ordered as a result of a judicial process from which it was ruled that there was tax fraud or tax evasion. "

Guatemala: Tax Audits

February 2014

The Tax Authority has started a campaign to control trade in general.

The Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT) is launching the Massive Fiscal Presence plan to verify tax obligations, under which 200 auditors will make visits to various production facilities. The aim is to check that these are complying with their tax obligations.

More Fiscal Control in Costa Rica

September 2013

In order to check the results declared at the close of 2013 the Treasury has expanded powers to obtain information from taxpayers.

An article in Nacion.com by Oscar Rodriguez reports that "In this period, which ends Sept. 30, the Treasury may apply for the first time in a full fiscal year, the rules given in fiscal transparency laws and strengthening tax management, approved in September 2012.