$21 Million Approved for Road Works

The General Comptroller of Costa Rica partially approved the $20.7 million trust fund for the San José-San Ramón road corridor.

Monday, October 22, 2018

In a document published on the General Comptroller website on October 10th of this year, it was reported that the approval is given to the trust fund for this road work that consists of the modernization of a 60 kilometer stretch of road between San Jose and San Ramon.

The document details that "The partial approval of this initial budget for the 2018 period is based on the documentation provided and, on the certifications, submitted by that Trust Fund in accordance with the established in regulation 4.2.14 of the NTPP; thus, the authenticity of its content is the exclusive responsibility of the officials who subscribed them."

"The analysis carried out by this Comptroller was based on the fulfillment of the requirements established in the current legal regulations, which establish the preparation and content of the plan-budget of the Trust of the San José San Ramón Road Corridor and its highways. In this regard, this General Comptroller partially approves the initial budget for 2018 for the total of ₡,369.6 million."

See full document.

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Costa Rica: Slow Progress in Processing Paperwork for Road Works

May 2015

Three months after a law was signed that supports the use of a trust to expand the San José-San Ramón highway, a bank has not yet been selected to administer the funds.

Although four banks have already expressed interest in participating in the contest, the authorities at the National Highway Council (CONAVI) not only have not selected any one of them, they are only just preparing "....

The Interested Parties in Public Works Trust

March 2015

In Costa Rica four private banks and two state banks have expressed interest in becoming trustees of the $436 million trust fund for expanding the road from San Ramon to San Jose.

Public banks interested in becoming trustees of the project are the Bank of Costa Rica and Bancrédito, and the private banks are Scotiabank, Lafise, BCT and Improsa.

Costa Rica Approves $440 Million for Highway

February 2015

The Legislature has approved the creation of a Bank Trust for $440 million to finance construction of the route from San Jose to San Ramon.

From a statement issued by the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica:

With 45 members in favor, unanimous approval was given this afternoon (February 5th) in a second debate to processing file 18887 on the Act for Development of Public Works on Highway, San Jose, San Ramon and its ring roads using a trust.

Trust For All Roadworks in Costa Rica

August 2014

The Minister of Public Works and Transport is asking for an amendment to the existing legislation to allow a common trust to be structured to finance all road infrastructure works.

The minister of transport and public works intends for the bill being studied in the assembly, and which would fund the road from San Ramon to San Jose through the figure of trust, to be extended to all types of road works and not only that road, so that a single financing option would be used for the construction of all roads in the future.