10 Things Country Brand IS NOT

Country Brand is a lot of things, and could be defined in many different ways, but there are 10 things it is not:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1. Something just related to tourism
2. Not just a slogan
3. Not a CNN TV spot
4. Not just for foreigners
5. Not a short term project
6. Not a cosmetic issue
7. Not like other corporate 8. brands
9. Not an easy task
10. Not a new topic
Not a hypothetical speculation

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Costa Rica Publishes Regulations On Country Brand

November 2013

It is estimated that there are more than 50 companies waiting for the definition of the steps necessary to legitimately use the trade mark 'Essential Costa Rica'.

With the publication of the regulation in the Official Gazette," the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (Inteco) will be able to apply the exam for evaluators to visit companies interested in becoming certified with the brand," noted an article in Elfinancierocr.com.

A Brand Image for Costa Rican Pineapples

July 2013

The Costa Rican pineapple sector wants to consolidate the presence it has gained in major international markets.

It is negotiating with the Foreign Trade Promotion Office the terms needed to create a brand for the country in the next few months, which they hope will help maintain the explosive volume that has been exported.

A Brand Image for Panama

July 2011

Just as with products, a well positioned brand image that conveys a country’s advantages, is a powerful business asset.

The positioning of a brand for a country has become a necessity in order to compete successfully. Branding helps consumers to evoke the image of the nation and its most important features and products. Japan makes us think of robotics and electronics, Germany cars, and France perfume and fashion, among others.

On the Excellence of the Costa Rica Brand

January 2011

The four principles of branding which make a small country with just over four million people receive two million tourists per year.

1 - Identification of major strengths
In the case of Costa Rica, biodiversity accounts for 4% of animal and plant species on the planet, and this is a main attraction for nature lovers.