$103 million to be Invested in Telecom

The Superintendency of Telecommunications in Costa Rica is calling a tender to develop infrastructure for internet and mobile telephony services in 24 indigenous territories in the country.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Sutel will receive technical and economic offers from telecommunications companies interested in developing the project up until May 31, and it will analyze the bids and award the project within a period of 45 working days.

From a statement issued by the Sutel:

On January 9, the Superintendency of Telecommunications (SUTEL), as administrator and executor of the projects in the National Telecommunications Fund (FONATEL), called a tender for a project to provide internet and telephony services to the country's 24 indigenous territories, which will benefit to more than 42 thousand people.

"The benefits of this competition are extremely important, since there will be better communication, both for the student population, and the health and education sector, and in terms of being up to date with technology," said Leonicio Bejarano, president of the Ngobe Indigenous Development Association.

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Good Outlook for Mobile Telephony

November 2018

Because of the increase in mobile phone access, the monthly demand for mobile data per user in Guatemala is expected to grow from 0.4 GB to 2.45 GB between 2018 and 2023.

According to GlobalData forecasts, it is estimated that in the next five years the country will report an increase in the number of LTE (high-speed Internet) lines, rising from 1.7 million in 2018 to 5.6 million in 2023.

Tender: Spectrum for Mobile Telephony and Internet

December 2016

A tender is being launched in Costa Rica for seven generic blocks (2 x 5 MHz) in the bands of 1800 MHz and 1900/2100 MHz of the radio spectrum for mobile telephony and Internet.

Government Purchase No. 354-2015 Costa Rica-TEL-MICITT:

"The Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel), is putting out to tender by means of a Public Act seven generic blocks (2 x 5 MHz) in the bands of 1800 MHz and 1900/2100 MHz for mobile telephony and internet services.

Costa Rica: $26.7 million for Telecommunications Projects

May 2013

The National Telecommunications Fund plans to develop seven projects in the areas of education, social welfare, health and homes, which will feature, for the first time, internet and telephone services.

According to the Telecommunications Superintendency (Sutel), there are a total of 477 schools, 78 colleges, 155 Ebais (health centres), 25 Cecis and 70 CEN- CINAI which will be connected with a speed of 4 megabytes.

Concepts that Threaten Development

December 2012

A spokesman for the Superintendency of Telecommunications in Costa Rica noted that mobile phone use their Internet connection in an "exaggerated" way.

In an attempt to justify Costa Rica’s technical and regulatory backwardness in mobile communications with respect to the developed world, an official from the Telecommunications Authority of Costa Rica (SUTEL), suggests that users of mobile connections limit their access to the internet.